MOM is a leader in scalable and agile management solutions with measurable impact that is a perfect match for you. Our portfolio is relevant to both their near-term and future needs. It’s all directed at maintaining that relevance.

We’ll be able to demonstrate our end-to-end capability from a total MOM perspective. One of the things we’re most proud of is bringing the depth and breadth of MOM to our clients. CEO Dough P announced in February unveiling the company’s new Crowd Funding Matching Program to serve your needs. As a result of our disciplined focus on cash, we generated record operating cash flow for the year, which enables us to continue our robust acquisition program.

MOM understands the challenges you are facing daily in setting your business priorities in a constrained time budget environment. Our ideas and innovations and focus on continue to successfully address customer priorities. We help you leverage crowd fund to capitalize great ideas a fund to capitalize great ideas. This has become an increasing success factor in proposals and day-to-day delivery. Agility and a high-integrity, high-ethics culture round out the list. This has become an increasing success factor in proposals and day-to-day delivery.  Agility and a high-integrity, high-ethics culture round out the list. We have to ensure that we don’t provide any opportunity for someone to come in and assert that a program is not performing or will not meet its requirements and allow that to be used as justification for making one of these very difficult priority decisions.

We tend to do well when there’s transformation going on. Clients are thinking about how to do business differently, Even though there may be less business, they’re going to be doing it in a different manner and they’ll need firms like MOM to help them do it. 

There are not a lot of big changes in how we approach the market. These market changes have driven us to focus more on what are the specific client issues and problems and how to help them best. We dove a little deeper to truly understand long-term mission and how to break those longer-term problems into bite-size components. 

Investing technology-as-a-service is going to be very popular and we feel we are in very good position to fulfill that. Securing information and assets is absolutely critical. Our clients are looking more to commercial solutions to solve their efficiency and effectiveness problems, and we have those solutions. Delivering results and meeting or exceeding our customers’ commitments is always a top priority for us.

More scrutiny on pricing is good, but if it is just low price, you don’t get the value. MOM tries to emphasize the importance of total cost of ownership. We like to see that baked into procurements from the start. Value added services is an area that needs to be considered upfront in serving our clients. If you don’t weigh total cost of ownership and value added services, it can cost you more in the long run.  We have to be aggressive and make sure we are providing a great solution at a affordable price and we have to execute well.

Our Matching Solutions at MOM continues to see an enduring need by customers for matching solutions that not only collect and share critical information, but also makes all of that information understandable and actionable. Our company’s diversity and platform agnostic technology puts MOM in a “fairly good position” in a competitive market characterized by shifting priorities, declining expenditures and program cuts.

We will proceed thoughtfully, reflecting our core values and our best-in-class risk awareness and management, which have driven consistent financial performance over the last three years.  We see a great opportunity for using some commercial technology to take costs out of the system and make corporate overall more efficient. We think that as we address this budget cycle, there will be ample opportunity to work with the corporate customers and help them move into the future.