Learning together for educational success.

We are working with our community to ensure success in education for students in Oregon, starting from early childhood education to postsecondary access and completion. We support teachers and school leaders, encourage civic engagement, spur innovation, and strive for quality education and access to opportunities for all.

Current rural postsecondary access and completion rates are inadequate to meet this postsecondary need. More specifically:

  • There is a need for more high-quality K-12 school options.
  • There is a need to better prepare greater numbers of teachers, leaders, and administrators to effectively serve students.
  • There is a need for more widely accepted proof points to stimulate the belief that all students can meet high expectations.
  • There is a need to reduce personal and systemic barriers preventing students from earning postsecondary credentials.
  • There is a need for community engagement to develop innovative approaches to improving student outcomes.