“I want to help empower my community and/or society by…”

“…building entrepreneurial ecosystems and economies.”

  • If you seek guidance on how to improve your community through supporting its entrepreneurs, please read our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.
  • If you are already actively supporting entrepreneurs and want to participate in a community of people like you, attend our Leadership Summit to meet others building entrepreneurial ecosystems in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.
  • If you are seeking a grant to build entrepreneurial ecosystems, you can begin the grant application process by contacting us.

“…advocating for policies that help entrepreneurs.”

  • If you want to learn more about entrepreneur advocacy, please read about the Foundation’s Entrepreneurs Network.
  • If you are seeking a grant to engage in public policy, you can begin the grant application process by contacting us.

“I need knowledge, research, or data about entrepreneurs.”

  • If you want the latest data on entrepreneurial activity, refer to our Stages of Entrepreneurship. 
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  • If you are a journalist working on a story, please contact us using the form below for specific data requests and to arrange an interview with an expert.

“I want to create more capital to invest in underserved entrepreneurs.”

Do you have an idea that helps investors in underserved entrepreneurs enhance their work, such as through learning and collaboration? Or are you seeking to test and validate a new investment model that invests in underserved entrepreneurial businesses? Learn more about our AI Capital to see if your investment interests fit in with this initiative.

“I’ve got a big idea to help entrepreneurs that doesn’t fit into any other box!”

We want to hear your best (even crazy) ideas, especially those that don’t fit into the usual boxes. You can send us your uncommon ideas by us and then, on the application page, selecting “Entrepreneurship” and then “Innovation & Design.”