Our Mission is to empower humanity to become self-sustainable through hands-on training on how to build aquaponic greenhouses for year-round growing, water capture, alternative energy sources, and secure shelters, and to help build these self-sustainable systems in underprivileged communities and globally.

Mission and Scope

Why Sustainability?

In an “abundant” planet as is planet Earth, numerous individuals, communities, and countries are experiencing hunger and living in detrimental conditions. The purpose of this Foundation is to train the underprivileged with the skills that are needed to be self-sufficient and to also provide the infra-structure for these systems to underprivileged communities and societies when needed. These in turn will serve as a role model to others.

The training begins at a site that is completely self-sustained. Those that will train on how to create sustainable sites will in turn utilize this information to empower themselves and then impact their communities and/or countries by taking a proactive stance against unhealthy, detrimental living conditions, as well as a stance against lack of food, water, shelter, and energy. 

By providing the model or prototype for a totally sustainable system, where individuals can thrive by obtaining free, clean energy, an abundance of clean water and perpetual food by growing year round and shelter-building, the Foundation will provide the skill sets necessary to  teach others how to duplicate these sustainable systems and therefore help them become self-sustainable.     

Why Sustainability for Humanity?

We are about Empowering Humanity. We function from the principle that we are all interconnected and interdependent on all life and one another.  We state that this Earth is an abundant Earth and that all of its resources are available to all of Humanity freely.  We state that there is no reason why any human being should not have a shelter, free energy, food, and clean water, since these are all available in abundance on this planet.  Our mission, therefore, is to bring forth this awareness to all who have believed they are not worthy of the free gifts of this planet and to help them get in contact with the basic skills necessary to tap into this abundance. By educating humanity, many will awaken to the understanding that they are no longer slaves to corporations that have falsely claimed themselves to be the gods of humanity’s wellbeing. Instead, humanity will realize that they are the “captain of their own ship” and that their wellbeing has always been in their own hands.